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CFM employs movies, documentaries, and film series as important educational tools on issues related to Igbo history, memory, culture, and the future. In January 2020, we produced a documentary titled January 15 1970: Untold Memories of the Nigeria-Biafra War

It features personal accounts of the Nigeria-Biafra war. The documentary tells the story of the 30-month long Nigeria-Biafra Civil War (1967-70) and many years of national crisis for the newly independent Nigeria which came to an end on January 15, 1970. The end of hostilities ushered in peace but left deep pains and trauma for those who witnessed the carnage. Centre for Memories realizing that in another decade, all those who were 18 at the start of the Biafra War would either be approaching 80 years of age or dead already and recognizing the urgency to document all the memories of that dark period, made a documentary with the title January 15, 1970: Untold Memories of the Nigeria-Biafra War. The documentary served as a great platform for many victims of the war who have bottled up the memories and carried the scars of the war for years, to finally speak up and share their experiences so that true healing and reconciliation can begin. This documentary is important because it is the story of the victims; their voices and therefore, part of the healing process as well as a great material for historical exploration; especially for the younger generation who may not have experienced the war and so do not know the facts of it.


The documentary was been nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Awards in the "Best Documentary" category in December 2020. It is the only documentary from Nigeria and shortlisted from over 600 entries from across Africa. In January 2021, the documentary won silver in the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.


The producer of this important documentary is Ed Emeka Keazor (Alto Historical Media), the foremost Nigerian lawyer, historian, journalist, filmmaker, and writer, with over 28 years of experience working on African History.


Currently, the Centre for Memories has produced another documentary titled MI Power: The Legend and Legacy. This documentary tells the story of the life and times of Dr. Michael Okpara, former Premier of Old Eastern Region and one of the finest politicians Alaigbo has ever produced. It was premiered on January 23, 2021, which marks the 61st anniversary of the swearing-in on Late. Rt Hon. Dr Michael Iheonukara Okpara.

More documentaries will be unveiled in due time.

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